4k vs 1080p Laptop for Parrot OS

I’m about to purchase a dedicated parrot OS laptop, but need to know if anyone has had issues running 4k? The machine is dell xps3, I can take 1080p or 4k, would prefer the nicer screen, but not if people have been running into issues with scaling.

i have the 1080p model and i think for me its enough. :slight_smile:
i have also a surfacebook with 4k on 15" which is nice … but you need good eyes or an external displays when you sitt the hole day in front of it.

so i think (for me) 13 " and 4k is not nice to work with it

Yeah as rowie said good eyes needed with 4k I got that setup with external 28 inch monitor :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, that is pretty much what I expected. I won’t be running an external 90% of the time, so for the sake of my eyes, I’ll pocket the extra $ and go with the 1080.

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