Anyone here used a LAN Turtle or etc?

As the title says, anyone used a similar device in the past? What did you think of it?

i have all the stuff that hak5 sells … :grinning:
my favority is the bashbunny, followed bei lan-turtle-3g and pineapple tetra for recon.
the new hardware hacking section goes online in a few days …

My wallet hates me. I’m really loving the multi-purpose use of the Bunny. What is this new hardware hacking section you speak of? Any details?

… “Place where you can discuss taking hardware apart, modifying and general hacking of hardware …”
please be patient … :wink:

my wallet LAUGHED at me when I saw the Pineapple video and thought that would be pretty cool to have. :rofl:

you need a company that buys that for you! :wink:

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