Apps Not Opening via Menu/Some Terminal

Hi All- I’m not able to pin down precisely when the cascading failure occurred, but this past week in particular nearly every app fails to open via Menu, and some not at all. LibreOffice only opens via Terminal, Synaptic not at all, Tor not at all, Pluma/Terminal, Firefox/Terminal, etc.,

I’m three-months new to Linux so my troubleshooting skills are rather limited - any help would be mucho appreciated (even point me in a direction of advanced troubleshooting for linux distros). Shotgunning Chown doesn’t seem to be working

I’ve associated my acct with FireJail, I’m a sudoer, checked permissions on files, removed/reinstalled apps, updates galore, etc.,


Debian ParrotOS Security/MacOS Fusion

JournalCtl: (I think this is the most relevant log output I know how to query)
May 19 14:43:38 parrot org.mate.panel.applet.BriskMenuFactory[1173]: Error: cannot create /run/firejail/profile/5913
May 19 14:43:53 parrot org.mate.panel.applet.BriskMenuFactory[1173]: Error: cannot create /run/firejail/profile/5917
May 19 14:44:01 parrot org.mate.panel.applet.BriskMenuFactory[1173]: Error: cannot create /run/firejail/profile/5920
May 19 14:44:21 parrot org.mate.panel.applet.BriskMenuFactory[1173]: Error: cannot create /run/firejail/profile/5923

Cascading failures start with something at the beginning.

How did you install ParrotOS?
How did you first login (root/user)?

What do you mean? (This will never need to be done as it is automatic.)
What update commands have you been using?

I installed ParrotOS Sec via VMware fusion.
First login was root then created my current user account.

“associated”=sudo firecfg (simply as a troubleshooting measure)
(sudo apt-get update && sudo apt full-upgrade)

Additional context…

Clicking on Firefox or Pluma or MATE-Calc, for example, results in different behavior.

Firefox & Pluma will showing “starting ‘appname’” in bottom panel.
MATE-Calc will do absolutely nothing

So logging in as root is what screwed the pooch.

Please reinstall the system, login as your username only and never login as root. Due to how we’ve built ParrotOS root login will cause severe problems and we don’t provide support for it.

I’m happy to hear VMware worked for you however, be aware we’ve had to drop support for VMware recently as it often doesn’t work for Parrot due to their inconsistent Linux kernel support.

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well that’s a nice dagger into my otherwise competent approach to this OS.

But really, you’re a peach for isolating this logical potential cause for my woes. Thank you!

Very interesting about VMware… now, I’m gonna do some reading.

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You are welcome, best of luck!

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