Can't use parrot os, live and install don't work

Briefly describe your issue below:
I added parrot os to my usb, when i want to live, i see my cursor but i have a blackscreen, and when i want to install it, i have “Missing OS”

What version of Parrot are you running?
Parrot Security OS MATE

What method did you use to install Parrot? Idk

Configured to multiboot with other systems? Yes and No

use etcher

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I used it to boot my usb, i tried to install parrot and now i have a blackscreen and a white bar blinking

legacy or uefi boot?

I used legacy.

pls try again with uefi

Okay but it’s normal if with UEFI the boot menu is ugly and the live don’t work ?

Also i can’t use swap for the installation.

Ok so now it’s like on live, i have a black screen and i can only see my cursor

Ok so i always need to type “startx” in the console to bypass the login page cause i have black screen when i’m on the login page ( i think it’s the login page ), is there a way to fix this blackscreen ?

graphic driver issue. please tell us your graphic device

I have a lenovo z51 :
So i have a :

Intel HD Graphics 5500

Hmm it should work with default xorg intel driver. Can you check the error log in /var/www/log please?

Hmm, idk why but i can’t open file manager with the root profile

I don’t have error logs here

i dont speak for the dev community or have any affiliation with (is it just me or did it uaed to be parrotsec?) when i say, “the forums are an important place to come when something is actually wrong with your distro, or youve exhausted all other methods of research and are atill stumped… but your questions (many of which I needed answered at one point or another) are better suited - and answered in exhaustive detail - on google, duckduckgo, et al, and even, yes, in these very forums… It is clear from not just the nature of your questions but also how you answer the points of detail that you are not reading up, investigating past user exp’s and thus learning about your OS and hardwares capabilitues and limitations as you go along - but are simply using this forum as google when your computer doesnt “do the thing”. Im not saying this to mack you feel less than, or be one of those guys/gals/other whos all like, “xyz is a pentester distro… leave it to the pros noob” (Im likely only a year ahead of where youre at right now). Im saying it because A: the devs are busy fixing bugs and ya know, building Parrotos up from the KERNEL! and B: if this is how you handle the first bumps in the road you will honestly find yourseld quickly overwhelmed and under impressed once you realize that 3/4 of the tools are command line only and respond only with “da-fuq?!” when you eagerly point your laptop at something and using your best Gandalf voice - press enter - and say, " BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL, I COMMAND THEE… TO HACK. THE. THIIIING!!!”
ok. maybe i am being a jerk now. my apologies and heres a freebie: file manager wont work with root account: parrot os is actually a great choice for you cause it has so many protections like that. first off you need to read up on either the useradd or the adduser command (i forget which but read both) make youraelf a user account with a home directory, teach him/her the sudo spell etc. logot out of root, log baxk in as user and go forth in happiness and blindly break everything you.encounter along the way. cause hey… thats how im learnin’!!!


and the logs hes asking for are accesses via command line using something like “cat ***** | more” or using nano, vi, mc whichever your preference.

what should I say. true words, well roared lion!

I think it all starts already how society deals with technology. all have a mobile phone and internet at home. if 10% of the people understand the technicians behind it, we would be well off. :wink: it assumes no responsibility for the technology. rather buy alexa and leave it to her … or the children, grandchildren or friends who are familiar with computer. and then comes mr. robot to tv and they all want to be a hacker. and just as they handle the rest of the technical equipment … go on here. just doenload kali linux or parrot and the magic starts by itself.
here is a nice video … i think it fits perfect here
maybe someone could find an english translation.

sorry my bad. It should be in /var/log. I had a busy week so i couldn’t check it