Daily purpose OS

Can parrot be used as daily purpose OS ? If yes then which one would you prefer parrot Security or Parrot home? Are they really lightweight OS? (i5 4gb) Is it ok for intermediate users?
And if not then plz suggest any other Linux distro for daily use for intermediate users.

Parrot home is the best choice.
Lightweigth and easy to use, just read about firejail, the Parrot’s sandboxing system

Thanks, I am gonna switch from parrot Security to parrot home. I guess parrot Security has not been lightweight enough for my laptop. The boot time is way more than expected.

Parrot security will be slower because of all the extra packages that are pre-installed. Most of which are security related, so the majority of people wont use them all anyway and neither will most pentesters tbh.

You can always install the individual tools from Parrot security as and when you need them.

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But all those tools should not affect the boot time, should they?

I have never done a comparison of boot time nor compared init scripts.
But just having extra packages would probably have minimal effect on boot time, although bear in mind its not just a handful of packages, there are quite a few of them.
Some of the extra packages may come with services that start on boot, they would require extra time.

A command you could use is systemd-analyze It will give you the boot time of your kernel and then the user space. For instance my user space boot time (Parrot Security) is 1 minute 40 seconds. I would suspect the home version will be slightly shorter.

systemd-analyze blame will list all the services at boot from slowest to fastest.

systemd-analyze plot > boot.svg will output a detailed vector image.