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  • We Should Create a discord server for parrot OS, Our Rival blackarch has done the same a while ago and I think We should do the same.

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Yeah i admit i like discord.

I would guess the issues being: chats arnt secure and its another application to moderate/ admin.

I know ‘BetterDiscord’ supports ‘DiscordCrypt’, but i have never used it and dont know how its implemented.

i’m not a big fan of discord, i prefer other communication systems like xmpp

I’ve liked Hexchat in the clear net and also how it integrates with TOR. I see we have dino preinstalled but I haven’t registered any account yet. Or where I could connect and find akin people on our subjects. Specs for xmpp protocol look amazing indeed.

So has anyone decided to create a Discord channel?

There’s Telegram. It’s on the ParrotOS website

discord is a centralized proprietary server.

we don’t want to migrate our community on places we can’t control.

the only exception was with telegram which has a pretty strange relationship with the open source world that we don’t like, but if we tolerate our presence on telegram considering it a legacy of our past, we would never accept to make the same error now with a centralized application again.

we are developing a new federated, decentralized and secure alternative to mainstream communication systems built on top of the latest XMPP XEPs (yes, xmpp is a very modern protocol with a lot of very interesting features) and we are working on our own dedicated forks of very beautiful xmpp clients that use omemo by default (omemo is the e2e crypto protocol used by signal which is way better than otp)

this communication system will be free for anyone and we are working to release ready to use wizards to allow common people to build not only simple standalone nodes of this network, but also pretty complex clusters in an automatic and secure way (to set up a xmpp server in a secure way is a pretty hard task)

we also understand that a discord-like portal would be nice for just our community and public chats, and if our xmpp-based solution would not prove to be a valid alternative, we would consider to host a https://rocket.chat/ instance just for the parrot community, as it provides all the modern capabilities and user experience of discord

of course we are going to build bridge bots to synchronize messages between telegram, xmpp, rochetchat and irc, but we are not intentioned to gibe our users in the hands of discord and there is no way to convince us of the opposite


@palinuro consider opensource Zulip, instead of telegram

Interesting product, however on close comparison Tulip simply isn’t the direction we want to move forward on. We are currently testing Matrix on our infrastructure and believe that is the future both for the Parrot Project and the general public. Please see this topic and the Parrot Team blog for more info.

Hello @s1udge,

I’ve considered Matrix, but it has own problem, both with code (unstable, not very well written server side), some point of careless (sadly) from project admins, as whole Matrix infrastructure was hacked. And in the end - most popular Matrix client developed by Israel secret service behind :wink:

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i would prefer the xmpp way cause its open and simple like mail and irc.
with aenigma we would have the possibility to anonymize the whole thing too … which would be in my opinion super fit for the project


big news here, we are slowly (very slowly) migrating to https://matrix.org which is an awesome federated protocol, and https://riot.im is one of its clients (it sounds very “stalmanian” indeed)

you are all invited to join our new matrix group, which is bridged with out irc channel and will be bridged soon with other parrot groups supported by the many matrix bridges and bots


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Hello, I just wanna share that I only trust https://keybase.io/ chatting app, and I also use it for keeping my files secure and accessible on every device. There is also git, I’m using GitHub Desktop with Keybase on Windows for pushing my code or other data in encrypted and private place.