Discover - Gone/Vanished - [Parrot 4.6]

I’m using (Parrot 4.6 - Security) and I was looking for Parrot’s “Software Center” and I then found (Discover).

But now for some reason I can’t find it anymore! When searching for it like I did the first time in the Start-Menu Search nothing comes up.

  • Rebooted OS MANY times since then
  • sudo dist-update
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt full-upgrade

Everything is up-to-date at this very moment!

Do anyone know what that could depend on or how to get it back again?

Thank’s in advcance!


Hi! It’s me, Bond, James Blond!

We don’t have a software center atm, it’s still in development.

Sad to hear that it doesn’t exist, but glad to hear that it’s in development :slight_smile:

How can I for example install the IRC client (Konversation) or the Paintning program (Kolourpaint)?

Tried doing it from their official website but I don’t get it to work so if anyone please could explain would be much appreciated. Thank’s in advace!

//Best Regards

All applications should done in this manner:

  1. check with apt via the terminal. If you don’t know about apt do some google searches, or if you prefer a gui apt checkout synaptic.
  2. Use snap install to install applications you can’t find in apt through snap.
  3. Use Flatpak to install apps.
  4. use git clone or save the deb package/ tar ball to your system and install with Gdebi, or compile and install.

There’s also pip3 through Python, gem for ruby and so forth depending on the language.