Display manager failed After an Upgrade

I install install parrot sec 4.6 KDE edition. After installation, i try to make an update Upgrade with the one only command " sudo parrot-upgrade". All seem fine until i reboot the system. I can’t see the login option, just black screen. It happens in m’y KDE edition.
I try to enable an start lightdm service (“sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service”) and start it, but nothing chang.
Help me cause i really like thé KDE edition instead of mate édition.

sounds like the new kernel (after parrot-upgrade) makes problems on your hardware. try a different kernel option on boot manager or reinstall and block the kernel from upgrading: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/63293/blocking-kernel-updates-with-dpkg

its not the best way to “fix” but at least you can run your kde…