Fix Icy-Dark Theme

There is a bug on Caja with Icy-Dark theme : in the pathbar, the last button with text always has truncated text (see here “root” button inside red circle in the image below).
This is a css problem.
I propose have fixed this on my local machine and I can propose a patch.2019-09-16%2022-38-46

It looks like a theme font problem. As far as i know ARK-Dark is our official theme right now so i don’t know if Icy-Dark is supported. I’ll check it if i have time.

Precisely, it’s a margin css problem and I have a fix. I’m following the contributing guideline which states :

Please make a post in the forum under the development category. Please add why it is needed, the scope of the feature and any research you have.

I just want to do a pull-request now.

Can you go to and create a pull request?

Yes I can !

sorry mate, too early in the morning!
HERE and HERE you can find all the infos you will need i think! :wink:

I cannot push to /parrot-packages/parrot-themes

git push origin icy-dark-theme-fix
> GitLab: You are not allowed to push code to this project.

you see my post?
pls check the guidelines and fork!

Ok sorry, I read too fast.

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Hi here, need a bit of help with git. I pushed my branch on my fork repo

git push origin icy-dark-theme-fix

Now, I want to create a merge-request upstream. Could someone tell me how to do it via command-line please (no web UI) ?

So I think you can, though I haven’t tested it yet.

First you’ll need to add the upstream-remote if you forked it.
Then to submit the request should look like:

git push -o merge_request.create -o

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