Full anonymity on ParrotOS

Hi There Merry Christmas to everyone I just thinking about to be anonymous on Parrot OS
I know there is a tool called Anonsurf but can i install whonix on Parrot I just Want to be full anonymous and not to be tracked and don’t understand me wrong Just to be private

Best Wishes …Thanks again

Of course you can set Whonix up on Parrot. Look into Virtualbox. Learn how to set it up/use it. Many guides out there applicable to this idea :slight_smile:

I hesitated for a few days to reply to a post titled “full anonymity”. Try to be more clear/descriptive next time for a better response.

See what benefits/drawbacks may be for your threat model (ex: persecuted minority vs advertiser avoidance). Heavier resource usage is one drawback on a setup running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

I trust you can handle the research!

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+1 for what @RightToPrivacy said.

You are “anonymous” by just using anonsurf or Tor browser, Not that you cannot be de-anonymized or your activities cannot be tracked, but the thing is, how willing you are to go far to make yourself & your activities something close to achieving “full anonymity”.

Maybe you will increase the tor hops? Maybe a setup with multiple VMs inside VMs with proxies and vpns and rerouting through VPS & anonymizing nodes and all sorts of stuff inside every VM.

The real question is, “What is the perfect stable balance to achieve maximum anonymity?” and tbh, No one is able to give a perfect answer to the above question since everyone has different limited resources, different bandwidth & functionality.

Hopefully you get my point :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for answering me Merry Christmas to everyone :heart:

Best wishes

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Sometimes it’s hard to remain in the shadows. Likewise you also have to anticipate the actions of others who use social media and don’t understand the concepts of anonymity. We have to think of anonymity more and more as cause and effect on others in the real world. When you look at a simple concept like this it increasingly becomes working proof of concept that chaos theory is constantly present in all endeavors anonymous.

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i think,the biggest problem at all is you leave every where you go fingerprints. in the aether with wifi … on vpn servers … websites … etc.

using a system where i have to start services for hiding my real identity manually is not secure … cause if you forgot to activated it just one time … you leak your real id.

there are more thinks to do as starting a vm or a service. for example:

  • clearing browser cache and remove cookies … etc.

i think a way to stay in the shade is composed of a multi-level concept and above all discipline.