GUI for available Software and Apps.

I am new to Parrot and was wondering if there was a GUI for software like some of the other Linux Distros. I like using the terminal most of the time but have like the Software “Stores” for some things in past distros I have tried. Thanks for the help everybody. Also, I’m new to the community.

Hey @Iworkwithdogs :slight_smile:

Synaptic Package Manager Is a GUI for apt. Pretty good stuff. If you want to skip writing all the apt-get install <packagename> or apt search <package> and rest of the stuff, jump straight on synaptic package manager and ctrl+f, write package name you are looking for downloading/upgrading/removal :smiley:

For instance, If you wish to download Chromium Browser

Thats it. Its much faster and much more efficient than usual heavly graphical ‘software stores’ avialble on ubuntu.

Hopefully this helps :blush:


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