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All desktop applications that require elevated privileges pop up the password box twice. Interestingly, VSCodium, which requires a certificate to push up to the Git repository requires you to key in the certificate password (not my password) twice also.

This is rather irritating. I suspect one of the PAM modules or Mate is responsible for this, as it does not seem to be specific to the OS itself (I see other users complain about the same problem on other platforms). I’m used to the command line prompting the user twice for elevated privileges, but having a popups GUI’s pester you a second time in a desktop environment is a bit annoying. Does anyone know what the fix for this is?

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It’s a general question. (I’ll post it somewhere else where the stupid bots don’t prevent legitimate questions from being asked.)

why do you think that we use bots? We proof topics manually to prevent spam and other useless thinks like double posts for example. So please answer my question or i will close this topic.


Then please read the question and not dismiss it out-of-hand. The question, as I pointed out in paragraph 2, is general in nature, affecting not just Parrot OS, but several other Linux distributions (Arch, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.) as a short Google search will prove. I don’t want to waste the developer’s time chasing a problem that is not theirs to begin with.

Unfortunately, the suggested cures listed in the posts I have checked don’t alleviate the problem. I figure others in the community may have already seen, and hopefully dealt with the problem, and I would appreciate their input. If this is not the correct section of the forum for this post, then please feel free to move it to the correct section. The response that you provided does leave one to conclude that posts are processed automatically, rather than one human interaction would produce. Rejecting posts that don’t fit some predetermined outline without reading it only serves to turn off the user, and prompts them to maybe seek using another distro that is more willing to help.

Even if your question is of general nature I want the version number of your parrot installation.
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so please be so kind and part with your version number or keep yourself busy with google.

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