how does Parrot hide MAC address

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in an earlier post it`s written:

->Tails cannot hide your MAC address when running indside a VM. Only Parrot
->can do this when anonsurf_start is confirmed to be active.

How does Porrot hide the MAC address? By spoofing it with macchanger?
And why this can this not be accomplished with Tails?

Thank’s a lot for any clarification!


…inside a vm!! Thats the importent thing
Your vm has a virtuell network card connected to the physical card via nat or bridge to the host.

Not sure how to describe …

When you connect your computer to your (or another) router/gateway, your mac will be used to communicate. If you dont want that your device could be identified (mac vendor) you can change your mac and you are done. [Layer2]
If you want to hide your IP in the i-net, you can use a vpn,tor (anonsurf) etc. to do that [Layer3]
Hope this helps


Thank’s for the feedback. Hmm MAC-spoofing should be possible with all distros…

But why only Parrot can hide the MAC address when anonsurf_start is confirmed to be active?



I got this information from: