Intellij code compilation problem with parrot os

Intellij code compilation doesn’t work on parrot os the option inside it keeps loading and i can’t write code properly because it deletes code when i write fast, but the same version on intelli works perfectly on mx linux debian based os on another computer.

Intellij code is not supported by ParrotOS as it is a proprietary software. Probably sandbox is the casuse, can you be more precise in what is not working?

The problem is like weird the option of Code completion inside the IntelliJ keeps loading and when i write code the variables like disappear … and it doesn’t predict what im gonna write, what do you suggest for alternatives btw im programming with java

Topic moved to support, in the future when seeking help for OS support please fill out the support form and do not post in development.

Try running Intellij code without firejail.

Ok sir thank you for the advice

i’ll wait till the wifi fix update is released

did you enable 3rd keyboard app? like ibus or fcitx?

Yes, but it didn’t fix it cuz it’s a bug