Is the Parrot project still active?

I’m not trying to make waves, I’m just worried since we haven’t seen an ISO since the last part of 2019 and I’m not seeing any word from the devs.

I’ve seen a couple responses from some of the devs, but it does seem to be slowing down recently. So I hope it stays active.

Parrot is still active & devs still working on it daily :smile: As of recent the team has been busy adjusting to brand new online team coordination software. Besides this devs can get pretty excited to make sure certain features are included/stable in the newest release of Parrot. Sometimes testing of those new features can drag on longer than we like. But this is not without merit. We should see better prioritization of pentesting app inclusion in the new release (from what I have heard).

A new official release is a big deal. So a lot of devs become perfectionists (they just want everything to be perfect).

So hang in there! We all look forward to the new release :slightly_smiling_face:




Note: I am joking. We are still doing things. Our short plan is rebuild our own package maintaining platform then we fix problems in Parrot. Core Parrot works fine from beta testing. We are developing new version of Anonsurf (more features are being added). A GUI interface of Anonsurf is already there.



we decided to slow down development (but not security updates) and dedicate some time to redesign the whole infrastructure

during the summer of 2019 we worked together to stop the flaws in our team and understand what we really needed to develop this system properly

during september we met the hackthebox guys and started a very important journey together (you will see the results very soon)

between the end of september and the end of december i personally worked on refactoring most of the infrastructure, converting everything to docker-compose and configuring a new gitlab instance by following a more organized structure

at the moment i am working both on the new 4.8 release (new beta iso coming soon), on a new docker-based build platform for our packages, and on a new mirror redirection system developed in golang

other members of the team that covered only a marginal role in the past, are now actively participating to the project and giving a very important contribution, but the benefits will be more noticeable with the next releases

meanwhile debian is dropping python2, devuan is becoming more and more appealing for projects like ours and new collaborations are being offered to our team

are we slower at the moment? yes, and we are sorry for that, but you will see the benefits very soon