there is an error with jd-gui in the older version and it’s newer version has fixed the bug but parrot repo still contains the older version of
jd-gui . so please do take it a look .And i downloaded the latest version from jd-gui’s site which doesn’t have any bugs

Wait for while, if Your listed tool is essential && when team get time , They will Sure add

yeah thats the main tool for java-decompiling

The latest version is 1.6.2 while our repository version is 1.4.0. Yes we will do that but it will take time. We are having coupe issues from packaging stuff.

it would be a great help if u do it soon and anyways thank you

I’ll check it out but i can’t make sure it will be updated in Parrot 4.7

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today jd-gui 1.6.3 has been released

please guys can u upgrade the package as soon as possible

@_Jonez Please don’t beg and pester. Our guys are over worked and doing the best they can. When one of our devs responds it means the package/s in question have been added to our todo and will be looked at. We will get back to you when we have time to look at it and make a determination one way or another.

If you in hurry & urgent need then install via other source

I checked Kali version: they built file before package it (as i understand from tarbar file) so i think i have to learn pacakge with java. (and we are discovering bugs on version 4.7 so i can’t do it now).
I also think we’ll drop jd-gui and start packaging bytecode viewer (i created a topic in development for it). It is a good interface with 4 or 5 back-end decompilers.