KDE Plasma Parrot Home Discussion Thread

Discussion thread on improvements to the KDE Plasma 5 edition of Parrot Home for peeps who use it, maybe some improvement suggestions if y’all have any.

Though I haven’t gotten mine to work yet (grub rescue problems), I would like to say I think it’s absolutely awesome that there is a home KDE version.

how about taking screenshot in this version, cannot find its setting and normal keyboard shortcuts for this they aint working

Everything work fine, except some minors. I installed Parrot KDE Home on my Macbook Pro Early 2015, wifi is fine, touchpad is fine. The only thing is that small sddm login screen that I tried to get it fixed… Anyone here has encountered the same issue?

the new parrot versions should feature lightdm by default instead of sddm

try to switch to lightdm and check if the issue persists

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