LXD Containers

Hi there,

Is there a package for LXD Containers for Parrot.

Thanks in advance

not yet, but we are maintaining some official docker templates

yes i hate docker and i strongly prefer lxc (we make use and abuse of it in our servers infrastructure), but we don’t have enough spare time to work on official lxc/lxd templates and keep them updated

but if you want to take care of it, feel free to join our team

hi @palinuro,
I know it is old post but did u by any chance did something for lxd?

I am using lxd images for product testing and just got a ticket for parrot support.
I am currently downloading the docker build, which is fine, but I would much rather have an lxd image really :smile:

if there is no one else up for it, I can give it a try if you are open for community help, just please if you can link me with dev instructions :+1:

hello, do you know how to build a lxd “root” template and submit it upstream to the main images: repository?

p.s. i use lxd too

What’s wrong with docker? It works really well - but I have never used lxc/lxd - why are they better (IYHO)?

I did my testing with docker and now we support parrot too! :smiley:

Other than that I asked for dev guidelines assuming you’d prefer to release this yourselves for some reason, so I would only make a PR.
Honestly I haven’t made lxc/lxd images for a while (docker seems to be the tool lately), and no I haven’t pushed lxd images before but how hard can it be, right? give me a few days and I’ll come back :+1:

Nothing wrong with docker. Docker is fantastic!

For my particular use case I just appreciate that I can stop/start the container and work previously done via terminal is there, intact, with no extra steps. Also I try to emulate the closest possible to desktop linux environments (for testing installation procedures, documentation etc) and somehow lxd seems more apt in that regards.

so I have a question with regard to you using LDX…

Are you using the LDX containers with ParrotSec as the host, or are you running another flavor (like Ubu) as the host with Parrot in a Container?

I installed LXD via snap, and when I type lxd --version I get 3.16

But when I try:
lxd init
The response is:
Error: Failed to connect to local LXD: Get http://unix.socket/1.0: dial unix /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/unix.socket: connect: permission denied
sudo lxd init gives me the same error