Matrix user question

A copy/paste to a comment on Matrix/irc , from Init2winit to @palinuro or someone can reply .

"Parrot has been mentioning not liking systemd for over a year, perhaps two, but no move to nonsystemd yet in the news/blog. There was the added issues of firejail not working well with systemd ( at least, to firejail the filemanager which is opened by systemd)

  1. systemd apparently has jail/sandbox features like cgroups, (cgroup is apparently still unfinalized in the kernel). Will systemd be used to offer similar protections as if I run firejail filemanager in a sysvinit system, or is basically not bothered enough that filemanagers (and other stuff launched by systemd maybe) are unsecured by firejail right now

3.MX has apparently solved the systemd-shim issue, but debian was having an nth debate on systemd (made it all the way to distrowatch newsletter) about whether elogind is essential to build correctly or not…I feel like rebasing on antix/MX might be risky, and devuan preferable, if the move is still considered

  1. maybe as feedback i had used parrot home for some time, but when the systemd issue didnt get resolved, and I was about to reinstall from livedvd, (around 4.4?) the installer on the desktop was not working, and a comment to that effect on the forum by someone else was not being replied to for sometime, the installer at boot screen worked, but I decided to install antix/mx branch instead to recreate what I thought parrot would want, that is no

  2. systemd, firejail works fine there, even if I pull firejail-profiles with parrot mods from parrot repo… I can imagine theres more to do to parrotify antix, but there

hopefully it helps

the other issue was using it as livedvd in constrained (4gb or less ram) used up too much ram simply when you downloaded updates, and by the next point release, firefox or other large software would simply max out my ram.

there are boot params like ramdisk_size= (and others, say archlinux specific, not sure about debian family), but I would struggle to have free ram on 4gb ram device. IIRC the space left (no space left on device, or as written in the filemanager) was the limiting aspect, and that should be changeable with a boot setting, i think. On arch if the space left is too large (say 8gb when i have 4gb hw ram), it either freezes if the space was filled too

  1. quickly for oomreaper to invoke, or you can wait for oomreaper, or if youre smart and somewhat lucky, an htop running in a ttyX can speed up killing the process and unfreezing
    i do not have a login and am a distrohopper…irc allows me a simple single signon (not even email confirmed) to give feedback to multiple distros

  2. but feel free to copy paste the comments if you like so the issue may be addressed

  3. another appropriate issue to bring up here…discourse forums require js to search and to register (and login im guessing), i generally am very turned off by projects that use it, at least when it comes to contributing…progress is nice, but nothing about javascript should prevent noscript users from searching and contributing…

  4. given that purists like leah of libreboot simply doesnt run js/foreign software at all as security measure, and that many users dislike js because its slow and requires more ram, i would hope enough people prefer another solution like the many BBs phpbb, etc. that work well im told and are foss"