Microwave pulse defense, trace,

Trace and record microwave pulse fequencies, any defense, how to manuel on defence, detects, find, any microwave frequenices as well as devices to help packits work or to use for a certain package app like usb airspy similarties that mainly for what I’m looking into, It not to be toy with and I only need it for defence for now and long time since a family lieing to me and the rest of the family of his doing and he enjoying his god like feeling since he found these SDR programs and many other unworthy things. as for now he in jail on other charges not related to his attack to me but preassembled time each attack on my skull, but lucky the hacking that he been doing on me is like in standby not happening ever since his booking in jail. meaning I can freely find everything I couldn’t before since his only lowlife goal is to keep me trap here and lost with no support. So enough about me, I know there plenty out there that learn this or that, and I experince what it do to a body from burn marks all way to even an unusable arms that lasted for 3 month till slowly back to normal to sensor light kick on been odd in the beginihg. listening to everyone cell phone conversation even when phon is off, So believe me as a victium I never desire this for anyone nor myself, since police no help fbi no come two email and a letter with a bad hand couldn’t write good. and can’t call being hard of hearing since3 i did try download my video relay for my deafness self to call fbi keep beeing ruined by him that time. which Im sure won’to be the same if I tryt right now. but before i decied to call these fbi I feel if I want this job done right I do it myself and get a lawyer in the end… now for those who feel the need to share something unsafe and advanced information which nearly every subject related to this topic maybe unsafe and advanced information, just dont relay any clues of such a thing and maybe if there any way it could be send to me privately or the defense information would be greatly appreachated. Anything related to my probelms even health issuse that been proven i welcome them all. Thank you for you time and I really hoping to get to the bottem of this issue and get it taken care of to prevent this monster from learning more bad ways and hurting my life only because he lonly and shy to make friends or not want me move away .