More Great tools to include

Hello Comrades!!

This post would be short and snappy but does anyone would like to include some of these tools in parrot?

Your one and only: 0xff10AD

Tell you what!
I’ll make an autoinstaller for Most of those tools and host it on my vps (pls don’t booly me by slamming it yeah guys?) I’ll post it here too :smiley:

Plz do kind sir, shoot me the link when it’s up

There are good tools, there are bad tools and yes we are going to add more tools


Spoiler alert: I added some new tools:

  • fileGPS which check your webshell file name (sometime servers make hash name or something like that. This tool brute force the name for you)
  • LinEnum: if you play HTB, ofc you know this. It is having a bug that bash file is missing. That is my mistake. I fixed it and it should be on the repository soon.
  • RevShellGen: Basically it generates common payload types from reverse shell cheatsheet. I kinda like it and i think it is super useful for manual RCE or HTB so I added it. It should be on our repository tools.
  • I am playing with pocsuite3 as well and i want to make it be an other exploit framework (in Python) for Parrot. I have reasons for this tool.
    There are a lot of tools that i am checking and adding. 24 hours / day is a real problem because i have to spend 11 / 12 hours per day to work in office so i am lacking of time for Parrot. Keep calm and trust our team. We are improving everything we can.