Need help with updating the distro

Hi everyone, I have a problem in my university. Them uses a Proxy server to restrict the internet conection and they ban some pages like sources repo and this is a big problem for me when I want to update, upgrade or install another tool.
I read a lot of posts and I tried to update with anonsurf running and I failed many times.
I appreciate all suggestions and all comments about that.

Hola a todos, tengo un problema en mi universidad. Ellos usan un servidor Proxy para restringir la conexión a Internet y prohíben algunas páginas como repositorio de fuentes y este es un gran problema para mí cuando quiero actualizar o instalar otra herramienta.
Leí muchas publicaciones e intenté actualizar con anonsurf corriendo y fallé muchas veces.
Aprecio todas las sugerencias y comentarios al respecto.

VPN can be a solution (ofc if the firewall doesn’t block other ports and accepts 80/443 only)

you can test a vpn of your choice for 30 days (with money back guarantee), at least most sellers offer a test period and put as your dns server. i heared PVI VPN is pretty good in unblocking. if that doesnt work you can try a SSH tunnel with a public proxy in combination or like ultrasurf is doing it. you can also try TOR. if all that doesnt work then there’s nothing more you can do.