New To ParrotOS


My good friend & fellow classmate @RedRuby Invited me here :nerd_face:

She told me the ambition behind this project & that the project needed more involvement from users & possible devs. I’ve been using Linux about about 3 years now. Have a fairly decent grip on it alongside pentesting. Today, Wiped Redhat’s fedora security distribution off my laptop which I have been using for 2 years now and installed ParrotSec 4.7 Mate edition. Excited to get my hands on it :grinning:

I too, going ahead on the road, would like to help the team in the OS & Community development too once I have a decent grip on the concept and workings of the system & its most importantly its pace.


Welcome Aboard @Meet

Lets be professional here alright? :rofl::rofl:

Cool. I think at least i can ask your location because RedRuby didn’t tell it to me LoL

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LOL Too late @dmknght . I already gave @Meet Do’s and Donts regarding what to & what not to do.


You must be the Chinese guy :joy:


Nope it worse. I am Vietnamese guy haha


Oh Well.

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