NVMe Drive Encryption

Hello Everyone, This is a New Thread talking about NVMe Technology. Any questions or advice can be asked here too. The main reason to open this up is to discuss new technologies in the M2 and NVMe with encryption. Encrypting NVMe’s can either leave you vulnerable to exploits in the technology or massive reductions in SSD performance can result from encrypting it. Also many new SSD’s the M2 and NVMe types can come with manufacture hardware encryption however I feel using a Software Encryptin Like LUKS is a safer way to go if your looking to keep out the best in decrypting hardware.

I have a Kingston A2000 its a M2. NVMe which is about 10-35 times faster than anything ive ever owned before. Now on Amazon they were 34$ for a 256GB drive which I figured was an Amazing price.

My issue is the Encryption, it can do weird things to performance, and if used unencrypted none of the weird things happen.

Now weird things = Using 16GB of ram up all a sudden because that drive is so blazing fast with a browser with 100+ tabs opened then ripping a UBS key with a new OS of Parrot and syncing my Dropbox will just lock the system up for minutes or just crash it outright.

Also it slows the drive down quite a bit and this is dependent on your Processor type also I have a really nice I3, but its only an I3… having a I5 would be better I think for pentesting and Im just curious of anyones thoughts about what algorythm to use and what has worked for you or not worked so we can edjucate more of are community about this technology. My 256Gb Kingston was only $34.00 so thats crazy cheep and I would expect them to get cheeper to where they are the mainstream storage solutions in desktop/laptop PC’s



Remember when not a while back ago, Samsung and Crucial Self encryption SSDs had a vulnerability which could be exploited to bypass security module to get hands on decrypted data?

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And slashes the life of it by a noticeable margin, especially with the cheap ones. Not to mention and load on it + performance hit & slowdowns.


Ohh I didnt know either of those points on the life or if they are cheep. Kingston has cheep NVMe’s on Amazon but thier I always thought they were a company with a decent reputation. I have USB’s made by them.

I do remember reading about that recently because I never had a ssd of any type before and wanted to make shure I didnt cook mine in a month from something im not aware of. I have heard about thier life and how they have a finite amount of reads and writes


For me. my main machine does have 512 Gig SSD but I don’t encrypt it. My portable devices however, need to be encrypted since I take them while traveling & use HDD on them. Using it before & after encryption, you wont notice much difference since the performance is minimal (according to today’s standards) from the initial instance.

NVMe do have great performance, But I couldnt trust them with their lifespan and heavy processes like shredding data or encrypting it or writing bytes again and again (something which you can do with a quality HDD) :slight_smile:

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SSD’s and HDD’s have similar if not favorable failure rates, I wouldn’t feel any better about an HDD. Also NVMe is just a type of controller interface it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual flash memory so they’re lifetime is no shorter.

Not the same case with me. I screwed up an SSD in ~14-15 months. Experienced it not once, but twice. It was a 860 pro 512 gigs. My task requires me to shred certain amount of data every-time before I go to bed every day [BSI-2011-VS algorithm (5 rounds) in-case you’re wondering). Not to mention re-encrypting the drives when installing New systems and overwriting the previous data, practically every other month. (Ik its kinda overkill but hey, precautions ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

The same tasks with WD or Seagate HHD disks, They have no problems over 2 years (besides the decrease in writing speed over time)

For me & my task, SSDs and NVMe are a big no. And I’m not alone. Just google “lifespan of HHD vs SSD vs NVMe” and you’ll see a whole lot of list and threads pop up in front of you :slight_smile:

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