Office 365 for Parrot?

Here I am, as many Linux users are, wondering how I can adapt Microsoft Office 365 into Linux. I am currently running the latest and greatest ParrotOS which I have been using for the last couple months. However, I have a lot of documents and spreadsheets that I have to run only on my Windows laptop because of Office 365 not working on Linux in general. My home setup is a shared drive based on the FreeNAS OS and shared out via CIFS to my Windows laptop and my Parrot Desktop. I have seen that you can download WINE and kind of emulate the office 365 group and I will try that this week on my home machine. But I was wondering what everyone else in the Parrot community thinks of WINE or using 365 on Parrot specifically.

I use Libre Office & haven’t had any issues. Before printing export to PDF and should be no problems printing/formatting.

But if you prefer Microsoft Office you can also always use it online for free at

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Thanks for the reply! I tried Libre. And it does work fine until I try and resave my excel spreadsheet. Then it doesn’t like the format to resave it. It offers me the option to save it as excel or libre. When I choose the excel one, as I may want to open it on my laptop (Windows) at a future time, it returns an error saying it is not a valid format. That is why I am looking for some kind of workaround or solution at least until Microsoft makes Office work with Linux (ha ha ha).

Hmmmm that sounds odd, never ran into that issue personally.

Try this: In Libre Office go to File —> Export. Then select export as “Microsoft Excel 2003 Format.” Microsoft should have no trouble opening those files.

Have to be kind of careful the formats we choose as these things can be picky :grin:

Here is a guide to getting Microsoft Office on Linux (multiple options):

Hope this helps. Cheers, & goodluck! :grin:

I’ve been seeing those same workarounds. I’ll try wine tonight when i get home. But first I’ll try your method of exporting as a Excel 2003 and see if it likes it that way.

Otherwise, I wonder if I can install LibreOffice on my Windows machine…:thinking:

I appreciate your input on this. Thanks!

LibreOffice can be installed on Linux, Windows and MacOS as i remember.

If you want your doc be compatible with 360 office, you can try WPS office (close source project from China). I can’t say it is secure (collect your data or something) but it solves document format issue for me.

So I was able to get everything to work except now I have to meet with the permissions because I still can’t save. But other than that, I can save as ods as my user on my desktop then cp it to the right place as root. So I’ve just got to play with the permissions a bit and that’ll fix it. Thanks!

Use wps word,it have well made and good looking word excel and powerpoint to work with.Its open source and is also compatible with ms office suite also, its better than libre and is a great alternative to ms office

Are you sure about this part?

+1. It is better than libre office in this case. It has faster runtime also (load time is slower than libre but it is totally okay)

Sweet. I will check out WPS and test its functionality with 365 this week. And report back here and let ya’ll know.

The little bit I have used libre, I am not really a fan. I like the open source but the aesthetics are not up to par with something like Windows Office. May be just that I am more WO familiar.

Even Microsoft themselves messed up their office suite format / syntax (2010 vs 2016 for example).

Good news: There is a FOSS project called OnlyOffice. I am testing it. WPS office is from China and it is close source so replace it by OnlyOffice might be a good choice.

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OnlyOffice sounds better than the Chinese WPS. I am checking that out right now.

I think I have mostly decided to keep things pretty simple and install virtualbox and build a Win10 machine to connect. Also installing TightVNC so I can reach my laptop as well if needed.

By now it doesn’t support drop down box (the comment from the dev team: the feature was included from 25 days ago in development branch so next release should have this feature).

Sweet. I installed it yesterday, but then had a Christmas Party to go to so I didn’t get to play with it much, but it looks almost like Microsoft Office and install was super easy. Look forward to the updates for full functionality.

TightVNC works like a champ as well.

Mostly a Solution! :raised_hands:

I was able to fix my read/write issues by using the following command:
#mount.cifs //server/shared /mountpoint -o uid=USERID,gid=GROUPID

Put the user id and group id in their respective places and viola. Doing an ls -al shows the owner and group as what it should be to allow me to read/write to the location. I guess when connecting a Windows SMB share to Linux, you must specify the user and group otherwise it takes the default root:root.

Figured this out by RTFM on mount.cifs from the terminal window. :rofl:

Chmod and chown do not work. It will not return an error but it won’t change anything.

Tonight I will play with OpenOffice and LibreOffice on compatibility with Microsoft Office. But I do not see any more issues from here on out. (until I break something else, at least :laughing: )

Thanks for everyone’s input! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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