Parrot Matrix group and instant kicked

Hmm, I just no more than 10 minuites ago tried to join the Parrot Matrix group and was instantanly kicked even before I saw anything.
Is this a standard practice?


Hi @CantankerousBeard , yes , now with Revolt ( Riot Matrix ) if you try to connect to Historic IRC on Freenode you are kick , i can’t tell you if it’s temporally or not , but yes , you can’t . It’s a user difference problem , IRC and instant messaging don’t have the same rules…sorry for this , but we will talk about it again .

No problem Jarfr.
I was a community manager for 3 MMORPGs so I can understand I built a irc server for two of them back in the 90s and early 2000s.
Just thought I would double check as there is nothing about it and it does look bad for parrot.


Ok , we re-open Matrix acces to link to our IRC ( #parrotsec on freenode) , see you soon .

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