Parrot Operating System Development Discussion

The purpose of creating this new thread is after coming across several posts from different users in past few months flooding the community with questions about same common errors, for instance the bugs like keyring & Apparmor/ conflicting with Tor Browser causing black screen Or issues like people unable to use vokoscreen because of ffmpeg, and common dns issues with anonsurf, just a few to be named.

This thread is created by keeping in mind that parrot users & the whole community as it is, will be able to interact with admin, Core developers & the rest parrot team, bringing the transparency with parrot users in full effect.

Few things to keep in mind :

  • Users can share their Ideas about how we at parrot team can make parrot environment as a whole - more better, more stable and more Amazing! Have any tool you think should included in next update? Drop a link to the source-code & we’ll consider it! Ideas for Better UI? Share it!

  • Reporting bugs & glitches are always welcomed!

  • Google is your friend when you run into some trouble. Before flooding the community, just perform a simple search about your issues & chances are your issue will be solved even before you login to the community.

  • Try to keep the discussion on point. A few nudges here and there are allowed while keeping the community rules in mind.

  • Before you create a new topic, search in the community using appropriate keywords related to your issue.

  • Make use of proper formatting for sharing your logs, errors, codes & terminal outputs. Its fun & makes it easy for other members to debug it with much more ease :

```bash (text, css and any other programming language works as well. each one allows different highlighting options)
echo "Hello World"
``` (end of code)
  • Name-calling, unnecessary use of profanity, ganging up on other community members, creating a toxic environment will result you getting booted off the community permanently within a blink of an eye. Flag the content you feel are appropriate or absolutely out of context, we will review it asap & decide what action shall be conducted.

  • Keep it clean, Keep it fun, Keep it tidy.

We Appreciate your involvement & We hope You realize we are humans too working on an opensource non-profit project where no one pays us to do our jobs, but we perform out jobs out of our sheer passion to make internet a safer, smarter and a better place.

You can help us by donating here Or Just your involvement with & helping other fellow members of parrot universe is appreciated.

:fire: Let The hunt BEGIN! :fire:


You should try to put transparency on the panels for more design options, some users like to personalize Parrot’s visual.