riverbed Airpcap-nx usb wifi adapter in parrot os

Hi. Running latest parrot in vmware workstation. How do i make this work?

Someone is stating here it should be native support for Airpcap-nx in linux distro as its built on the AR9001-2NX chipset:

In other words just plug and play? Because im trying and its not working…

If this is a secondary device (not the one the virtual machine uses by default) then the usb device must first be enabled for the machine to use it, through the virtual machines settings. I am not familiar with how to do that in vmware, i use virtualbox, but i am certain they have documentation on their site.

it worked! After enabling show all USB input devices in vmware settings it showed up.
It definitely has native support in parrot. No further driver install was necessary.

Glad to hear it. and yes atheros device is fully supported ath9k is the name of the kernel module i believe… its very good in monitor mode, decent range etc…