Running Parrot OS as my primary operating system

I installed Parrot as the Primary OS on my computer and I’m looking to use it as my everyday operating system for a longer period.

If you have done this before or currently using Parrot OS as your primary OS, Please share your experiences.


Hi Arthur,

nice that you have decided for parrot!
Please give us more information about:

  • On which device do you use it and for what?
  • home or sec edition?
  • etc.

I also use parrot as my daily driver on different device like dell xps 13 (main device / with win10 dualboot), ms surface 4 pro (testing), lenovo x61 (testing) and some vm´s (running on vmware esxi 6.7 and workstation 14).

hey my friend i have been using parrot for everyday things for at least a year and it has been great i can tell in fact is so great that i decided to that i wanna learn more of the community so i can start help other people with problems , (and im not got at linux at all i only know VERY basic commands like sudo parrot-upgrade and how to emtpy the boot catch thing when is full ) <- if that makes any sense english is not perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

how i used Parrot OS as normal day use (still do)

Browsing youtube, checking mails ,other private related things,
Using Gimp for graphical stuff , Gparted usb drives and stuff like that
Running vmware workstation for windows use <- (Before the kernel bug arrived please somebody send me a private messages if that is fixed )
(Now i use KVM but i haven’t tried using windows on KVM yet only Parrot OS in KVM so fare )

i also used the Bitcoin electrum wallet that is in-build

i also use the discord app on Parrot OS

Device: Lenovo Thinkpad T440s, 12GB Memory & 256GB SSD
Edition: Security Edition
Others: No dual boot, got interested in cyber security and web development.

I have been using Parrot Linux OS as my daily driver the last few months, so much that I have forgotten the password to my Windows 10 partition (who needs windows anyway?) I thought I might have needed windows for work. I don’t.

I have had 0 problems with Parrot so far.

I now prefer Parrot & have tried a variety of Linux distros over the last 20 years starting with Redhat 5 (way back when it was free and sold at Best Buy in the box), Storm Linux, Debian, Fedora, Kali/backtrack, SuSe, Caldera OpenLinux, Mandriva, Slackware, LFS (Linux From Scratch), Ubuntu,

#1 Parrot comes with all the tools you need (Anonsurf, tor, Opennic support etc) to achieve the respect of our privacy we deserve.

-Windows on the other hand SAVES to their “cloud” ALL YOUR BROWSING history. No matter which browser you use (confirmed on Microsoft support forums).

I also enjoy all the pentesting tools that come in handy to ensure you are safe on your own network.

Parrot is pretty light on resources.

It is all I use now because everything I need is at my fingertips including a large Debian repository for additional needs.

It detected all my hardware unlike the old days where you had to enter IRQ’s & find Lucent dialup modems to get a working internet connection.

Can’t go wrong with Parrot. :smiley:
It is a wonderful OS.


Parrot runs here on 6 machines , no complaints . Well one complaint … I installed it on my relatives machine more than 8 months ago and since then I never got invited for saturday dinner again. It just works.


I’ve been using ParrotSec as the main on most of my computers for 3-5 years, some are just set up for watching movies in bed or as media servers and such. There is very little I still use windows for anymore, and can’t remember the last time I booted to windows. I’m more likely to boot one of my computers into Arch or Manjaro if I’m not using Parrot. I’ve actually taught my girlf about gnu/linux systems because she only knows how to get the Parrot installs to boot and I think I got her ready to switch to Parrot too. Luckily they support a good number of D.E.s so she gets her pick of look and feel. Stability is pretty great, I’ve had less reinstalls of Parrot than Windows over the past 5 years and it’s a much easier process since I just keep my home partition and I set up a lot of stuff in there. My only real problem is the lack of effort companies put into linux software, which isn’t even a problem with Parrot or other distros. I don’t actually see any reason I’d want to use anything other than Parrot in the future, it’s kinda funny since I originally only tried it because I have two parrots and thought it would be worth testing. Turned out to be a great choice

And if anyone wants to have a GUI firewall to control ports and policies, there is a package named fwbuilder (it comes from Debian side). I think it is not as famous as gufw but it is far better than gufw. It is not pre-installed.


Once upon a time I’ve discovered ParootSec (not that long, something like a year and half ago). But there was a problem: I already had Kali for pentesting(in VM, on Windows 10). Actually, there was NOT a problem. I’ve looked at ParrotSec, I liked it, I’ve switched to it. Simple as that.

Then I started doing some sort of things, like installing Parrot on a USB and using it live, then with persistence, then with encrypted persistence (tried things, got errors and learned some things while fixing them). After the child’s play, I’ve dual-booted it with Windows 10 (wanted to slowly detach from windows). I need to admit that not all things worked (like nvidia drivers - black screen and cooler running like crazy - and vmware installation - Unable to start services), but for now I don’t try to fix them because I focus on other work that needs to get done and I’m planning to do a fresh new install on both windows and parrot soon and then trying to fix the problems again. By the way, I’ve installed VirtualBox on Parrot, and then guess what, I’ve installed Parrot KDE on a VM(I was curious about the look of KDE version). After that, I’ve tried to install VMware on the Parrot VM and it worked. Hmm, that was a little bit unexpected, but it gave me hope that after the planned fresh install I will solve the problem.

My machine is an Asus ROG GL503VD (mostly that’s the reason I can’t break up with Windows - How then I can customize that amazing RGB keyboard?). Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve undervolted my CPU(with ThrottleStop on Windows and then with undervolt on Parrot):

$sudo undervolt --read

temperature target: -15 (85C)
core: 0.0 mV
gpu: -123.05 mV
cache: -123.05 mV
uncore: 0.0 mV
analogio: -123.05 mV
uncore: 0.0 mV
analogio: -123.05 mV

Overall, I really like ParrotSec and I will continue to use it as my main OS. I also like the growing community and the work of developers, focused on always improving. And what I like the most it’s the interest for privacy (the main reason I started disliking windows).

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Hi, welcome to the community.

I am also using Parrot as my PRIMARY OS on my PC about one year. I shifted here from Ubuntu and decided that no more distro hopping. I love Parrot as it is and never facing problems! (although you know, if you face any problem, rest of the world will help you with that)

Hope, you will get a good experience.


congratulations, you made a good choice
Parrot is full of several very useful tools according to your field of work …
welcome to the community of parrot

I have been using parrot sec OS as my daily driver for my desktop for a couple months now. It has helped me learn a lot. Whenever I run into an issue I am usually able to fix it with some research and I prefer it over Windows. However, I did run into some issues which I haven’t been able to fix completely, I will list them in a pros/cons list.

Cons (can be eliminated once I have more experience and can eliminate the misconfigurations):

  • Had trouble with my wifi adapter; my NIC wasn’t 5Ghz compatible, thus I had to purchase a USB adapter and driver configuration was a pain to accomplish
  • The desktop doesn’t suspend if the USB adapter is plugged in
  • The VPN I use, CyberGhost, has to be configured manually in the terminal and I don’t have server options for connection - just country options, making my bandwidth less than optimal for 1Gbps up/down. However, this isn’t an OS issue more of the VPN’s lack of configuration options.
  • Thunderbird wouldn’t save my profile and the only way I could get it to run with my saved profile is by running it via firejail --noprofile thunderbird. However, occasionally it does run properly, so I don’t know what the issue is with it.


  • Literally everything else, I would definitely recommend Parrot for a daily driver or research purposes. VMs work flawlessly.

Please let me know about your Electrum experience. I tried to set that up, but while researching issues I was running into, I discovered that the Electrum version in Parrot is not the newest one and updating/upgrading did not fix this. I got frustrated trying to figure out how to replace the installed version with the new one I downloaded and just installed the new one also. I then had to start the new one every time with some Mickey-Mouse way (like opening the folder I saved it to - open terminal - Does anyone know why some programs are not the newest in Parrot? Is this intentional? Dangerous? Dangerous to circumvent?

Don’t know where you’re getting that shell script from but install electrum is very easy, go to the website and download the offering for linux. It’s an appimage(pre-compiled,self contained executable that can work on any distro with appimage support)…make it executable. Click on it.

try this my friend sorry for late answer

and follow the guide when you open your wallet you just have to type in
python3 Electrum-3.3.8/run_electrum

and then you should be able to make a new wallet or just choose the old wallet file

but my overall experience has been fine :slight_smile: