Script to harden OS at Installation

Please add an script to harden the OS for those who come from Windows and for the lazy ones :p, its all about fast and easy adoption with a secure feature as promotion and publicity, it could help alot :wink:

Harden what exactly? You could restrict functionality endlessly but the OS wouldn’t be much use for the user.

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Short answer, no.

Long answer, nooope.

Why not?

Laziness is the problem of the user (and to be honest every human). We are 100% against having lazy users. It goes against our core values as a team which seeks to cultivate learners, problem solvers and innovative makers. If you come from Windows the learning curve is simply longer as you will first need to learn Linux. Generally lazy users tie up more time in support asking stupid questions because they can’t be bothered to read a little or learn to use a search engine.

These people end up delaying Parrot’s development and push back deadlines as we take time guiding them to an answer. When dealing with problem solvers questions are generally a joy and a pleasure as we know we will rarely hear from them as they work hard to figure out the problem and solve their own issues. This results in a more educated community and less help vampires.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to disagree. We feel it’s about security, privacy, and learning.

And honestly I’m not sure what else you’d like to harden. Most of the items on our list to harden can’t be done with a script and everything currently in place simply requires the user to read some manpages.


Did use Lynis tool to detect holes or vulnerabilities in system, to harden OS … And other tools included in Parrot Security version 4.6, you should check that section :wink:

Please don’t simply quote tool use, if you’ve found vulnerabilities let us know and we will patch them. Be aware however if you are using Lynis and other such tools on the security version of Parrot you will likely get a tremendous amount of false positives due to the tools packaged within.

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I’m agree with that, you want a better community but not everyone understand tech or code, maybe they (common users/commercial ones - universities - security public sector - companys - etc) just want something easy to use/deploy and be safe around while using their computer :o


Ok I will check it out, will try few things, good day/night!

Unfortunately Parrot OS isn’t designed for people who don’t want to understand code or tech. We have a fair bit of documentation and most of Debian’s documentation applies to Parrot as well (because we go off of Debian Testing).

ParrotOS was my first Linux system and I had almost no tech background (I played video games if that counts) before I started using it. I read a lot. :slight_smile: This OS and I think Linux in general is not particularly easy but it’s very rewarding if you persevere and work hard to solve problems as they occur.

:ok_hand: Please message me or the @moderators if you find a critical vulnerability. Take care!


Lynis deal nothing with vuln. It checks settings. I am not a linux expert and i can’t tell what should, shouldn’t be changed as Lynis suggest. But, do you think normal user can access root’s files and folders (including read and copy)? I think it is a flaw and Lynis won’t notice it. LinEnum maybe show you about it, but they are just scripts.
About your idea, there is no point to create a script if we can do hardening our system from beginning.

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