Sickle (new tool submission)

Sickle v2

Sickle is a shellcode development tool created to speed up the various steps in creating a functioning payload. Although modules are aimed towards assembler, sickle is geared towards crafting payloads in various languages and is not limited to shellcode. The structure of Sickle has been completely redesigned in order to allow drop in modules. This will allow users to easily implement new formats and development modules. All supported architectures have remained the same as v1.6, and 2 new modules have been added. Documentation has also been added for those looking to implement their own formats or modules.

Check it out here:


thanks for this tool and we will see can join to our list , if we accapt it we will see here

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I can maintain it and package it. We are very happy to have new post-exploitation tools in our repository while our tools (based kali tools) are out of dated.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@wetw0rk can you please contact me @dmknght on telegram or so we can talk about your tool further. I added owasp-zsc to Parrot which generates shellcode as well so i have to make sure your tool has special features.
Please contact me as soon as possible.

Definitely just sent you a request on telegram :grin:

uhm i dont see it and i am using desktop client. Can you send a random msg please?

Definitely just sent you one :ok_hand:

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