Steganography tools?

I’m new to ParrotOS and I have been having some trouble finding a Steganography tool that comes pre-installed with the security version. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

this sound very interesting what tools are you talking about :)?

in the synaptic package manager you can fine some tools if you search Steganography :slight_smile:

Hi there. I was actually on my way to my intro and first post but I have to spend 3 hours reading the faq, rules, code of conduct, etc etc. Between us its the basic same thing I read on many other distros. Now that I think about it, it was the same on DD-WRT. (sigh) I get why they do it though.
anyway , I digress
You want Steghide and Stegosuite- for sure on Caine , my favorite … mostly forensic. but a nice tool. Not as nice as Parrot but hey :slight_smile:
Kali has them
and those boys and girls over at black arch have just gone wild , I think at last count its roughly 2300+ tools ( don’t quote me)
They should have about 8-10 of the more popular ones in their live build. and if they don’t you can just do a pull.
Anyway I think I will intro to the world later… Im beat … goodnight

I have liveUSB(s) of all 4 of them in a pouch, and I can say that CAINE is probably the best for any forensic work, with Parrot/Kali/BlackArch having tools for stripping information from photos/videos/documents.

@DirtyDan - Maybe try to use MAT? Metadata Anonymization Toolkit? The command is mat2

Sweet, thanks. This helped out!