Suggestions of tools & applications.

I haven’t been using Parrot OS more than about 16 hours now, but still enough for me to just feel, bleeh. I Just want to install something that is Developer friendly, which this states it is… not really. Why isn’t dotnet already installed? Why isn’t free tools like Visual Studio Code implemented?

And instead of using Electrum, use Jaxx Wallet. it’s capable of a decent amount of currencies.

Blender and Unity, Discord/Slack, Sublime Text. Visual Studio, updates for those etc. have taken me the whole day, and I have still not gotten enough answers in order to install some of the wine necessary applications such as notepad++. I would also like it if MonoDevelop was implemented. I want a secure core to work from, Parrot OS seems to be that, but I also want to have a good amount of software for C#, C++, Python & Java out of the box. Just install and start working directly. Ubuntu is to heavy and the hacking tools is a drag to install on another distro. I don’t want to dualboot VIRUS10 and Parrot OS in order to get the ‘perfect’ setup.

It is not easy to satisfy everyone’s needs but I think we have found a good mix of everything! :wink:

I think there is a post where you can suggest packing.

you are also welcome to build your own packages! :wink:

Unfortunately, I am also forced to use VIRUS10 in a dual-boot environment, because my docking station is a coffin nail under linux … :frowning:

hope to here more from you!

Hi, @Querzion.This is the Jaxx Liberty app
Slisk Lindqvist, it’s fun, I love fun, but it’s very raw, it’s not adapted to my laptop, it’s made with an axe? My problem is that I can’t make the window smaller and tick the box that I agree to, and move on to installation.FUN,I just can not reduce the size of the window, it is not possible in the usual way, it only increases, it is useless.

I did it, using the keys, into the blind.:smile: