Thunderbird 60.8.0 has amnesia

anyone know if there is a specific reason our repo has Thunderbird vers. 60.8.0 (64-bit) in it when the latest version is 68.0?
The version we have keeps “forgetting” the accounts.

I had the same issue! Try open Thunderbird just after booting, then Firefox! It’s just a workaround, but better than nothing

Please don’t open topics in community when you have a problem or potential bug/issue. To answer your question you can see the status of most major packages here and search as you please.

For thunderbird specifically the issue is that we use testing branch and that is the version they are still on. As we begin to package more and more of our own packages we will eventually add our own package tracker to supplement Debian’s.

If the issue you are having with thunderbird is while you run it in firejail, the issue is firejail’s. My current workaround (since I prefer to keep it firejailed) is to add this to your aliases file:

alias thunderbird='firejail --noprofile thunderbird'

This will give you the default profile as the current one for some reason causes the issue of amnesia. If you prefer without firejail I would simply run firecfg which should redo all firejail symlinks and change things from being automatically sandboxed to only sandboxed when requested.

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thanks for the info…I would prefer to keep it firejailed as well.

Great - thanks for explanation and workaround! that has been bugging me for a while now. Also I never realised till now how your packaging works (i.e. direct from Debian testing…)