tools to add

can u add some more tools on reverse engineering ?

Do you have any suggestion?

MAT (Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit) is a dedicated metadata cleaner written in Python.

it would be good if they add ghidra

I am 1 of new maintainers of Parrot project and I am adding new tools. Ghidra is 1 of tools in our todo list. I’ll try my best for it

It looks great! A masterprice. It is the shame if secure distro has no anti-forensic tool.

@BD1 i’ve checked and mat2 is on the our repository already

mat2/stable,stable,now 0.8.0-3 all [installed,automatic]
  Metadata anonymisation toolkit v2
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very cool - thx, I missed that one

Ghidra is definitely not one of my picks to be included in our distro just based on the fact that i dont really trust the coding at all not to contain any shenanigans

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Ghidra is not a bad tool. But the problem is it comes from NSA and definately there is no fully audited test (not yet) so it is unsafe for our distro.

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yeah i agree with that

I’ve packaged ghidra completely. But i still wait for code audit and other things from other guys and more stuff before add it to parrot