[Tutorial] How to split the Terminal

This is a handy tool to use when you tend to have to many terminal windows open and makes it easier to group task together, without changing workspaces.

You can do it by first issuing the `screen’ command to enter the terminal multiplexer

  • To split vertically: ctrl + a then ctrl + \
  • To split horizontally: ctrl + athenShift + s` (uppercase ‘s’)
  • To unsplit: ctrl + a then Shift + Q (uppercase ‘q’).
  • To switch from one to the other: ctrl + a then tab

Note: After splitting, you need to go into the new region and start a new session via ctrl + a then cbefore you can use that area.

EDIT, basic screen usage:

  • New terminal: ctrl + a then c
  • Next terminal: ctrl + a then space.
  • Previous terminal: ctrl + a then backspace.
  • N’th terminal ctrl + a then n. (works for n∈{0,1…9})
  • Switch between terminals using list: ctrl + a then " (useful when more than 10 terminals)
  • Send to the underlying terminal ctrl + a then a.