why the review?

Why in the Earth it needs PREVEW PRIVATE REVIEW to post in a forum of, well, something to discuss about a computer system 100% free in its base and MADE BY AND FOR FOLKS concerned about security of computational systems – INCLUDING oh you! PARROT ITSELF?

I’m stupid, but not that much. Dont try to censor your own lack of competence. With that, well, I dunno. But I know already this is not good as thought nor as it tries to look. Pretty much like every mediocre creation. If im rude, whatever, please ban.

The review is needed because there are users want to get some help but they don’t write full information. That is it.

to protect us against spam and other crap.
but also to reduce duplicate posts a bit.
please be nice!

show us that part, please

so use other distro

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sorry, could you please tell me what’s going on here?