wlan0 disappeared

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I recently updated my laptop and when I rebooted it, my onboard wifi disappeared. Running ifconfig returns no wifi interface but I can access the internet through an external wifi adapter.

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I’m running version 4.7 on kernel 5.2.0-2parrot1-amd64. KDE version
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Debian Standard
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I’m not certain what internal wifi card I am using, but I know that it worked prior to my upgrade. My laptop is a Thinkpad E480.
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Please find the model you have for onboard wifi so we can help you, most likely you are missing drivers

It seems to be Realtek r8822be. I can see the device by running lspci, but it reads out that it’s an unassigned class, as opposed to a WiFi card and lshw -C network doesn’t pick up on it at all.

Yesterday my wlan0 disappeared again, you can try to fix it, the same way I did it. But make sure to find correct firmware for your adapter.

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