Your strategy to check if you have Viruses.

Hi guys I am curious of your strategy about secure your parrot. What tools you use what method to check if you have Viruses/Rootkits/rats and other shitty stuff. How do I check if my system is clean? and How I secure more. Any information about security are welcome.

think … this is a very complex thema.
there is an old post here in the forum with the same problematic.
maybe i (or you) will find it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I check open ports and see what’s it’s going on on my Pc. I am curious of strategy of other people. Sent then mate link if you’ll find it?

FIRST!!! … YESSSSSS :wink:

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First of all i would start with:

  • fix my connection to the i-net (a good and secure router/firewall which i own)

  • then only install verified ISOs

  • dont add strange repositories or just clone staff from github or something else you dont understand/have checked line by line)

  • classical tools like rkhunter , lynis and something else will have much false positive on parrot i think … :slight_smile:

  • dont trust other usb devices

  • browser and mail program sandboxed
    … etc … etc

to be continued … if you like?


Sure mate, that’s good I take already one of your idea to my security collection. Sure continue, security/privacy it’s most important now so I like to hear that and other people also can share good ideas.

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